About Maple Leaf Theatre Company

Maple Leaf Theatre - Toronto AudienceMaple Leaf Theatre Company is a Canadian not-for-profit organization focused on improvised theatre formats that are accessible to a wide audience. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, MLTC is working to advance the joy of watching theatre come together before your very eyes, in new ways, by seeking to promote shows which can be enjoyed by anyone.

Our Mission:

We will support quality, heart-warming improvisational theatre productions which help to make improvisational theatre more accessible to our diverse local communities. We exist to provide an inclusive cultural space for experimentation and creative expression. Our production model invests in the development of independent artists and collectives.

Our Vision:

Facilitate the sustainable development and proliferation of improvised theatre in Canada. Share our unique production model, centered around accessible formats, to create new opportunities for improvisational actors.

Our Values:

  • collaboration
  • inclusivity
  • integrity
  • playfulness
  • respect
  • courage
  • gratitude
  • generosity