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About the Show

Back for Season Two, Twice Upon a Time is Toronto’s fully improvised musical fairy tale.

Ever wonder how the Big Bad Wolf became bad? Or what Rumplestiltskin was like as a child? And how did that Old Woman ended up living in a smelly shoe, anyway?

With Twice Upon a Time, a new musical tale is born at every performance, based on audience suggestions – bringing unpredictable and hilarious results.

Each show, our comedic cast tells a prequel to a well known children’s story or fairytale with humour, music and song. Every word, every note, and every lyric are made up on the spot – you won’t believe it!

Join our talented cast of comedians and musicians on an adventure into a world where anything can happen – and it usually does. Twice Upon a Time will have you laughing, dancing, and singing in your seat.

Each performance is unique – attend them all!

Please note: This production may involve adult themes, and is intended for mature audiences. Run time is approx. 60 minutes.

Upcoming Performances / Tickets

  • Thursday April 25 - 8PM

    Season Two Performance – Tickets no longer available.

  • Season Two has wrapped!

    Stay tuned as we prepare to launch Season Three.


New Venue to Be Announced

Produced by:  Maple Leaf Theatre Company, in cooperation with Social Capital Theatre
Directed by:  Carly Heffernan
Starring:  Richard Comeau, Alex Crawford, Drew Delaware, Irina Mann, Esther Rogers, and Brittany Smith

Musical Direction:  Rory Grant